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About Us

ABSMCS as an Exclusive Recruitment Consultancy at Kolkata working over last 5 years. We have been sourcing the manpower for SALES/MARKETING/ACCOUNTS & FINANCE/FRONT & BACK OFFICE/HR & ADMIN/SECURITIES/EDUCATION etc. Our focus on different industry expertise us to understand the manpower requirement of the corporate and the job requirements of the job seekers.

Our Exclusive industry focus approach makes us specialized Head Hunter, which allow us to perform the job more professionally and deliver the same within the shortest time frame. These make ABSMCS different among the lots of placement services and created a bench mark. This Exclusive approach has build confidence among our client base and job seekers, who also has developed dependency as we believe in RIGHT JOB for RIGHT PERSON.

Our Exclusive & Specialized Recruitment process has changed the way of Recruitment Consultancy operation, our specialized service understand the job definition and provide the exact manpower. All job seekers from these industries also prefers to keep their resume in our Databank for better career option as we offer them the most accurate job, because we understand the profile better. This cycle has made our presence strong in the filed of recruitment service, which is growing day by day.

Vision & Mission of ABSMCS

ABSMCS aspires to be a market leader in the recruitment industry by continuously providing innovative recruitment solutions, emerging as the most preferred organization to the clients, candidates and its employees.